Repair Microsoft Outlook Corrupted Files

MS Outlook is a powerful package of emailing platform which stores data in PST file. These files contain emails, attachments, images, videos, documents, zipped files, contacts, address, journal entries, notes and many more. Sometimes while working on internet files gets corrupted or damaged due to virus attack. It can cause big harm to you if you don't have back up file. But now it is possible to recover all the damaged, corrupted or even deleted files with the help of Outlook PST Repair Tool. It is most sophisticated tool which can recover all types of data very fastly due to its advance process. It is installed by default with the MS Outlook versions. It can repair inaccessible, unreadable or completely damaged data. It can repair files upto 20GB. So you can use PST Repair tool to Repair Microsoft Outlook data or files which is display Some Error messages or Corrupted from the system.

Features Of PST Repair Tool :-

MS Outlook provides an extra-ordinary feature to recover the damaged data with the aid of Outlook PST Repair Tool. Some of its exquisite features are given below :-


Why This is The Smartest Repair Tool ?

PST Repair tool is the smartest tool to Repair Microsoft Outlook pst files. Its graphical interface makes it more easier to understand for non-technical person. It does not require extra skills to use the scanning process. It can recover all types of data which is damaged, corrupted or deleted from the system. Its intensive scanning of damaged files locates the data and recover them. After the scanning process, it displays the data in tree like structures from where you can select your data and stores in safe location. Its smartest feature allows you to repair PST files larger than 2 GB. It can repair corruption of either header or footer of the content. Its special features makes it result oriented software. You can easily download its demo version from the website and repair Microsoft Outlook lost data.

Repair PST Files :- Outlook PST repair tool enables you to recover all the deleted, corrupted or damaged data very fastly. It is also able to recover all the styles and formatting of the email after scanning process. It is designed with powerful and highly efficient algorithms which increases its scanning speed. It is best repair tool in comparison with other software. It can also recover attachments, zipped files and images. So it is recommended use Outlook PST repair Tool to repair Microsoft Outlook lost files and data easily.

Split PST Files :- Outlook PST repair tool supports a smartest feature to split pst file. In PST2GB.exe tool, if the file size exceeds you can lost the data and give Some Errors like 0x8007000e error then at the time of recovery but in Outlook PST Repair tool, when body of file exceeds more than 2GB its split feature helps you by splitting file to make it smaller and easily recoverable. It can split the oversized files into two pst files. You can again save the output data in healthy PST file.

PST Password Recovery :- PST password are used for data protection from unauthorised access. But if you forget or loose your password then it is difficult to access the file and recover after damage. Outlook PST Repair tool can crack the password and recover the file easily which is not possible in PST19UPG.exe repair tool. It allows you the facility to reset your password after recovering process.


Supported Outlook Versions :-

Outlook PST Repair tool is inbuilt feature of MS Outlook. It is compatible with different versions of MS Outlook such as Outlook 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010. You can easily repair Microsoft Outlook important files and data using PST repair tool on any version of MS Outlook.

Supported Windows Version :-

MS Outlook is inbuilt feature of Windows operating system which is an emailing package. PST Repair tool is used to recover all the deleted or damaged data of MS Outlook. This tool is also compatible with different versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 7, Vista, Xp, 2003, 2000 etc.

Outlook PST repair tool is used to recover all the deleted or completely damaged data very efficiently. It is designed with powerful algorithms which increases its scanning speed. It is able to repair Microsoft Outlook all types of data like emails, notes, images, documents, jounal entries, calenders etc. If data is oversized it advance feature is capable to split data into smaller size. It also gives PST password recovery facility in which you can reset your password if it is misplaced or forgotten.This Software Win So Many Awards for the best Recovery and repair of PST Files./